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Your bag is sacred. It completes your outfit and is the home to your most beloved items. Kind of Gollum & The Ring. Every girl has her own preferences when it comes to color, shape or size. Slim chance that you and your girlsfriends have the same bag-style. Why!? Because the shape and size of your bag determine the way it has to be carried; armpit, wrist, hand, shoulder. And thát says a lot about your personality. So, stop chasing a bag that doesn’t suit you as a person, and start looking for the perfect bag for you.

But what exactly tells the way you carry your bag about you!?

~ Crossbody ~
Cross Body Bag
You are neat and organized, your essentials are always within reach. This way you can make sure nobody steals them, because that would be a disaster.

~Locked Up~
Hand TasYou’ve got a grip! With your arm wrapped around your purse you shield it from the bad-outside-world.  In real life you are also like to act like this when it come to strangers. Reservations only!

~Next To Me~
Your friends will describe you as an open minded person. You kind of flow through life and your bag is going a long with the ride! Your look grip could be dangerous. Be careful your leather friend doesn’t get stolen – or you get hurt-.

~Stay With Me~
Small BagYour bag lodges your most your innermost secrets and is your most precious possession. Others really don’t need to know whats in there. You, as a person, are like a skittle; hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

~Like A Lady~
ElleboogLike in the old days.. When ladies where posh and tea was drunk with a pinkie pointing to the sky. When you wear you bag with your elbow, your hands a free to do other things. You are confident and streetwise. So, bring on those chances, you are ready for them!

~Open & Bloot ~
Open en BlootYou and your life are an open book. The content of your bag is not to personal to share, and the whole world can see the designerlabel. You’re Proud Of It!  Upside; when you need something from your bag, you don’t have to search for it. Downside; others also have easy access. Be aware of that..

Peek A Boo
You hide your bag underneath your coat or jacket, that way it is safe and secure. Occasionally it can come out and say hello to the world, after all it is a real knock-out. The women who wears her bag like this has a very well developed flirty and playful side.