5 X Lovely Loafers

It’s SUMMER 🙂.. Bring in the sandals, slippers & espadrilles. But when the sun is taking a little nap of its own we still have the ‘in-between-shoe‘. A what now? A shoe you can wear with a little sock/panty or barefoot. A loafer or slip-on will be the perfect candidate for the job.

During the days that start out a little chilly but end with tempetures above 25 degrees Celsius, you really need shoes that stay comfortable batteling these temperature differences. We all know that comfortable is not always the equivalent of fashionable. Unfortunately. But the loafers (and secretly one slip-on, ssst!) prove that there are definately some very fashionable pieces out there!

Doggy Vans Attention doglovers! These Vans Slip On’s are specially made for you!

KIOMI loafersThe-going-to-work-loafer by KIOMI

Floris van Bommel LoafersCobalt blue loafer with a funny twist by Floris van Bommel

Vai Vai LoafersDisco away with these ones from VIA VAI

Fratelli Rossetti LoaferHappy Preppy with Fratelli Rossetti