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Your wardrobe is worth a small fortune. This asks for a ‘handle-with-care’ strategy. Most women dream of a Walk-In-Closet, but a nice closet from Ikea will in most cases do. The Rich & Famous not included. They need a more serious approach. The exorbitant designer pieces celebrities wear need to be handeld with a lot more care than our ‘normal priced’ pieces. Because you wouldn’t want Gwenyth Paltrow’s Ralph & Russo-Oscar-Dress falling apart after 3 years.

Vault Couture saw the niche and jumped right in it! They offer a place, outside your house, where you can safely store (a part of) your wardrobe. Because.. let’s be frank a storagebox will just not do. Ladies like mrs. Beckham pay big bucks to store their belonings under perfect conditions. The Vault Couture concept consists of 5 S’s: Sort, Store, Style, Send & Sell

All of your items will be professionally photographed from all possible angels. From the stitching to the accurate color to the beading, every little detail will be captured. All this infromation will be uploaded in a state of the art system, where it will all accumulate in your VIRTUAL WARDROBE(with personal login). This way you can access your wardrobe anyplace, anytime. You can arrange outfits in your VW, order items to be deliverd or select pieces you would like to sell.

VW offers you a place where you can safely store your belongings in a out-of-home facility. All your items will be barcoded, hung in a breathable bag and stored in a climate controlled room. Just like in a museum (or a wine cellar.. take your pick!). There are also seamstresses en tailors available to restore, repair and alter your items.

With the MY LOOKS function you are able to create an outfit by picking items from your VW. You can save these creations and even add photo’s of looks you have worn before. It is also possible to get the help of a stylist. Just hit the STYLE ME button and they will take care of it.

Vault Couture will deliver your items to you at any possible moment. Discreet and professional are the key words in this matter. With the TRAVEL BAG function is is even possible to plan you vacation wardrobe, so you won’t have to bring a load of suitcases with you on the plane. Vault Couture will deliver your outfits at your vacation address.

They even offer to sell items you want te get rid off.

I know what you are thinking; there must be a BIG pricetage on this thing. True. The Beckham household pays roughly around 25.000 Pounds a month for a piece of The Vault. Ofcourse the occupy half of the space. It is also possible to pay per item. That will come down to 7 Pounds per piece per month. That could be interesting, especially when you keep in mind that your clothes will be next to the Crème de la Crème of the world!


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