Trend ~ Mules

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In every episode of ‘Sex And The City‘ Carrie and her friends paraded the streets of Manhattan in the most gorgeous footwear. From sky-high-heels to strappy sandals to knee-high boots, they had it all. Some designers, like Manolo Blahnik,  even thank their name and reputation to the 4 bestie.

Carrie and cohort also started a few trends of their own. Tube tops ring a bell? Also the mule was considered a very classy slipper after it appeared frequently on the  show. Apparently they where the perfect sort of shoe to concur New York. After the show stopped in 2004, the mule trend slowly diminished, till now. Maybe thanks to all the 3rd movie rumors, The Mule Is Back!

Open-toed for summer, pointy for business, cut-off-ankle-boots for winter, sky-high for everyday and low-rise for lazy days. The mule is an all-year-round kind of shoe. Be just like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda; Absolutely Fabulous!