Weekend Update ~ Taylor & Tastees & Karl

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The wait is over, the weekend has arrived! Time to relax and do the things you wanna do. But above all, time to catch up on your fashion news. To make this a little bit easier, we present you this weeks 3 Fashion-Must-Know’s…

~Taylor Swift~
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is Hot Right Now. That’s no ground breaking news. Everything she touches seems to turn into gold. She is also well on her way in the Fashion Department. Recently a special Taylor Swift X Keds -line was presented. Also the Chinese are crazy about TS. The Taylow Swift items sell like hotcakes. Ofcourse some entrepreneurial Chinese knew what to do, 2 words: Fake Items. From perfumes to guitars that supposedly where owned by Taylor herself; they’ll forged anything for money.

To put a stop a to this nonsense a ‘real’ fashion line will be launched, with products that will exclusively be available in China. On the 8th of August you can buy t-shirts from Miss Swift’s line followed by a line of women’s wear in September. Every item will be provided with a unique label and authentication code, that way you can check if you have a legit Taylor Swift on your hands.

Pita Kaas

During the last couple of years we build up an aversion for everything that has anything to do with carbs, sugars and fats. Because we wouldn’t want to get fat now? It’s all about veggies, quinoa & chia seed. Very tasty I’m sure. But there are a lot of people who couldn’t care less about eating biological or according tot the latest hot-shot-lose-weight diet. Millions of people, in Third World countries, but als closer to home do not have enough, or anything to eat. Thát is a problem.

We all have that one favorite dish, that you could eat everyday. Tastees put those dishes on T-shirts. Very lovely, but how does that help people who don’t have anything to eat? Well, when you buy a Tastees shirt you also donate one meal to people who can’t afford it! Of every meal sold, Tastees also donates €4,- to the United Nations World Food Programme, which amount to 20 schoollunches in Africa. So; you have a very fashionable T-shirt and you help make the world a better place!

~Karl Lagerfeld~
Karl Lagerfeld

We all know Karl Lagerfeld as the mastermind behind the collections of Chanel. Outrageous, a little cocky but above all genius are words that come to mind. Now giving can be added to this to-be-proud-of-list. Why? Well, Karl donated 4 Chanel bags to the bag museum in Amsterdam, Tassenmuseum Hendrikje.

From the Spring/Summer 2015 collection the museum will get 3 bags in different colors. But the most special is the ‘Choupette in Love‘ bag from the Capsule Fall/Winter 2015 collection. It is a tribute to, and inspired by, Karls favorite cat. Choupette is not just a cat, she has her own book, twitter-account and attendant, yep. The museum has a real scoop because the Choupette bag is not even available in stores yet.. So, let’s all go and admire it at Tassenmuseum Hendrikje!