5 X ~ You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

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I think I speak for everyone when I say: Rain Sucks. Period. You put together a lovely outfit with all the right items, get your keys, walk out the door and BAM: like you’re stepping into the shower again. If you can; slowly move backwards, close the door, put on your PJ’s and press Netflix-Play.

Wishfull thinking? When you really aboslutely need to go out a fashionable umbrealla is a necessity. As a fashionista you want an ordinary, standard, basic black umbrella. No, you need one that complements your outfit, one you are not embarresed to be seen with. The next 5 umbrella’s will probably do the trick. So, bring on that rainy day.. You’re Ready!

Implivia doorzichtige paraplu Classic See-Through with Red Details ~ Implivia

Adventurebags Wolken paraplu This way you don’t have to see the dark sky ~ Adventure Bags

Implivia ParapluLove is in the air ~ Implivia

Gizzys Led ParapluShine Ya Light ~ Gizzy’s

Mars & More Zonnebloem parapluSUNflower  ~ Mars & More