News ~ Manolo Blahnik X Bags

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Remember the times we all swooned at the perfect heels Carrie Bradshaw wore? I am so going to buy me a pair (or more) of those when I grow up. Now 11 years later, no Manolo Blahnik’s in my closet, I wonder.. is it time to update my to-do-list? Yes, it is.. By adding a Manolo Blahnik clutch to it!

Yes, that’s right. Manolo Blahnik revealed he has designed a bag collection for Autumn/Winter 2015/16. He has a legendary status thanks to his gorgeous heels, but this is a very first for the Spanish designer. The bags will be in orignal ‘Manolo Blahnik‘-style, which means: small, chique, satin & Swarovski crystals. Because of their complementarity to the MB heels, you will only need a killer dress to make an outfit.

Even before the big reveal, the bags have reached the status of collectors item. They will only be available in the Flagship stores of MB in London, Liberty and Harrods. So off to London! The price range is between €1850,- and €2075,-, so a big, big wallet full of money is a necessity.