News ~ New Name Birkin Bag?

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Ever since the Birkin Bag was designed in 1981 everybody wanted to own one. Thanks to its most-wanted-status the bag has become an icon. With a corresponding price range from € 9580 to
€ 137 000, it is not only an icon but also pretty unreachable for most of us.

At first the bag was a custom made piece for Jane Birkin herself, due to the fact she couldn’t find a leather bag to her taste. That is also how the bag got its name, but is there an era coming to its end?

The star of the collection is the one made out of crocodile leather. There is a year-long waiting list to even purchase one. Animal right organisation PETA has always been a fierce opponent of the crocodile leathered bag. And after showing in a documentary how the leather is obtained, we all understand why! Jane Birkin also saw the horrifying images and wishes to no longer be linked to that bag. Therefore she has asked Hermès to rename the model made out of crocodile leather, until the cirrcumstances and ways of production have been significantly improved and match the international standards.

Hermès respects the wishes of miss Birkin and says to be shocked by the documentary. According to Hermès they do not use the skins from that Texas farm for their Birkin bags. Nevertheless there has been ordered an investigation to the whatabouts of the farm.

Hermes birkin
Crocodile Birkin Bag ~ Hermès