Trend ~ Less Skin On The Beach

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It’s the end of july, half way through summer, time to summarize the beach-trends.

With the summer break in its full power, so most people have made their way to the beach or pool, to relax, cool down and parade their summer body. But most of all; you didn’t buy that bikini to lie in a drawer. You’ve spend a lot of time picking out the perfect beach attire, not to mention the frustration in the fitting room, so flaunt that bikini!

Contrary to the show-as-much-skin-as-you-possible-can-trend the Jenners/Kardashians introduced, this years beach-trends are a bit more conservative. We don’t show that much skin. Hooray for women (not all of us have this perfect Brazilian bodies to rock a string-bikini) maybe a little bit disappointing for men. But to be fair, we still look sexy!

The best way to show your inner animal is by putting it on a bikini. Or bathing suit. A tiger, zebra of leopard print will do the trick. But if you are really looking to get out there you should go for a bathing suit with a big tiger head or parrot on it; Doutzen Kroes-style.

When you are a surfer this is normal to you; wearing a wetsuit. For us other girls, not so much. Don’t know why, don’t know when, but somewhere during 2015 the wetsuit became a fashion statement. Sounds like something Cameron Diaz would wear!

Playing volleybal and beachball can be a real challenge. You want to get tanned, but don’t want the whole beach to have a peek at everything you have. A minuscule, tiny tiny piece of fabric will just not do. The fashion industry got that message and gave us; the sporty bikini. A bikini that looks a lot like a sportsbra, but much more fashionable. Also the bottom has been upgraded to a level in which you can (more) freely move around. Pfeeeww..what a relieve!

Even the bathing suit has evolved into something we actually feel sexy in! The strategically cut-out parts make sure you share just enough with the world. Your man happy, you happy, everybody happy.  And you know what they say; leave something to imagination.

Longsleeved shirt, longsleeved blouse, longsleeved bikini.. wait, what!? Yes, due to the super healthy-eating-living-movement the longsleeved bikini has made its appearance. A lot of sports, healthy food and safe sunbathing is the moto. SPF 50 is not enough, No! After one swimming excursion that is gone and we wouldn’t want to get burned by the sun, at least not on the arms, belly and legs is fine..

After all these really-out-there-trends, this is a trend for all the don’t-over-do-it kind of girls. You can still rock the retro bikini. Including the higher-waisted bottoms. Chique, sophisticated and very comfortable.