Favo ~ Conversation Clutch

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Small is o, so beautiful! The clutch has been in purse-land for quite sometime, and it is here to stay! There is a perfect clutch for every occasion. Sleek & modern, glits & glam or an old-fashioned with a clip.

Back in the days the clutch was used on a night out to carry only the essentials. The designs have become more and more wilfull, so nowadays it is a great way to complement an outfit. The clutch has evolved from just-a-small-bag to a real Conversation Starter. Because of the high WOW-factor people are more likely to talk about your clutch than the ‘o-so-pretty-wheather’.

Asos has a large collection of the most extravagant, eatable and fun clutches. If you are looking for a milk carton or strawberry around your wist or a multi-functional disco ball; they got it!