Weekend Update ~ Forever 21 & Topshop & YSL

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Another week has gone by, very quickly in my opinion. A lot of fashion news has come your way. These are the three absolute must-knows of the this week..

~Forever 21~
Forever 21

For all the fashionista’s out there with a not-so-big-budget there is some BIG news! Since Forever 21 set up shop in Amsterdam on April 19th 2014 we have been waiting for the second store to be announced. Now that time has come..

In november 2015 the next Forever 21 shop will be opened in Rotterdam! The location in De Koopgoot will be a little bit smaller than its big sister in Amsterdam. 19375 Square feet should be enough to do all of your must have shopping. We can’t wait!

Topshop pop

Fashion & models & being skinny are inseparable. In magazine add’s, tv commercials, on the catwalk, all the models look like they haven’t had a good meal for years. But why do mannequin in shops have to be teeny tiny?

That’s exactly what Laura Berry thought when she was shopping at Topshop in the UK.  She took a photo of the super skinny mannequins and posted it on social media. In no time she had thousands of ‘likes‘. Her message? The average woman is not that small, so why do the mannequins have to be? This can makes even the most secure women insecure!

Topshop reacted by saying they value their customers opinion very much and assured that they will no longer order that specific kind of mannequin for there stores. So we can actually see what items will look like on our body!

~Yves Saint Laurent~
Yves Saint Laurent

After a decade of silence Yves Saint Laurent is back. The last couture show dates back to 2001, but the fashion house announced that there will be a new couture show, very soon.

After monsieur Saint Laurent himself said his goodbye’s with the last show, Hedi Slimane took over in 2012. He started building up an atelier in the lovely Hôtel de Sénecterre, which has proven to be the home of a whole new couture show, containing pieces for men, women, artists and movie stars. Very red carpet!