Trend ~ Skirt & Sneakers

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Skirts and sneakers are not the most conventional combination, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect one. During these hot summer days skirts are perfect; airy, flowy and fashionable. Wearing it with heels makes it less comfortable.  Hot feet = swollen feet = hurting feet in heels. And when it’s hot you really don’t need to exert more than necessary.

A good pair of flats is always a good idea, but when you have a busy busy day and you need something very comfortable, sneakers are your Go-To-Shoes! These days the shops are full of the most fabulous and fashionable sneakers. From casual chic to very sporty, whatever you like!

Adidas scored a hit with the ‘Stan Smith’s‘, but also New Balance has some perfect skirt-appropriate-models. Asics is specialized in the more sporty-kind-of-sneaker.  And let’s not forget about the All-Time-Favorite All Stars! Make a princess-like outfit or be a tough cookie, everything is possible.

Not yet convinced? Check out these amazing combinations!