Favo ~ New York State Of Mind

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New York is one of the fashion capitals in the world. Where the Parisienne is famous for her fabulous sense of style, New York women should be praised (at least) just as much. With her effortlessly chique/tough appearance the real New Yorker looks likes she can take on the world. Small detail; she will be doing that in sky high stilleto’s and with an it-bag around her arm.

The Dutch, on the other hand, are known for their sobriety. But we sure would love to have that New York State Of Mind. The following 8 fashion rules will help you looking like you just strolled down 5th Avenue.

#1 ~ The Leather Jacket 
Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall.. a leather jacket is always a good idea. It gives your outfit an edgy look without overdoing it. Ever since the leather jacket was discovered is has never(!) been out of style. And, when taken care of properly, it lasts a lifetime.

#2 ~ Black Is The New Black
Every season has its own fun, sweet and hot new colors. But.. black never goes out of style. Black is a top notch choich for pretty much every moment of the day, all-year-round. Not really in the black mood, but pink, red of orange is too much? Try navy or grey, also very sophisticated.

#3 ~ The Statement Shoe
No Pain, No Gain. This must sound familiar, and in this case very true. Always make sure your shoes are absolutely fabulous! This may not be the equivalent of comfortable. If you have to walk a mile or two in high-heels; So Be It! (Tip: have a pair of fashionable flats in your purse, just in case you really are in a hurry.)

#4 ~ The “It”-Bag
A true New York woman will never be spotted without her purse. A desginer bag would be the summum ofcourse, but a cheaper one will do just as much. The key is; You + Your Bag = 1. Show Your Loyalty!

#5 ~ Accessories
In the case of accessories you need to remember one thing: Less Is More. Your outfit is the main event and the accessories are just complementary. Elegant and delicate gold or silver designs would be perfect.

#6 ~ Be Beautiful, Always
Make sure you are ALWAYS well groomed. This means: hair, mani & pedi should have to perfect and your outfit should be in place at all times. Can’t stress that enough.

#7 ~ Iconic Eyewear
Sunglasses are not just for protection against devious sunshine. It’s part of your outfit. Day or night; wear sunnies that fit your perfectly!

#8 ~ Be Confident
In New York it’s all about attitude.. The sidewalk is your catwalk. Wear your outfit with confidence, if you don’t feel comfortable it will show. Make sure your outfit let’s you shine bright!