Tip ~ Charge It!

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Let’s be honest; all the fashion apps, verrry interesting WhatsApp conversations and selfies that have to be made are very bad for your battery. So usually your iPhone dies during the day, most of the times in a place where there are no power points within a 10 miles radius. First panic sets in, and after a while you experiece some serious withdrawal.

Joe’s Jeans grasped the intensity of this problem and created a jeans which can charge your iPhone while wearing it! EUREKA! The #Hello model is a perfectly fitting Mid-Rise-Skinny Jeans. The most amazing thing about this jeans is that the backpocket is designed to perfeclty fit your iPhone and battery charger, without anyone seeing it.

The #Hello model comes in 4 different colors; dark-demin, light-destroyed-denim, black-denim and grey-denim. It is quite an investment, the jeans itself cost $189 (€173) which does not include the charger, that is an additional $49 (€45). But it will be money well-spend..