Weekend Update ~ Sirivannavari & H&M & Vogue

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~Princess Sirivannavari~
Princess Sirivannari

We have Maxima, and are very proud of that. The whole world knows our queen because of her impeccable sense of style. Just this week she was named the Dutch Blair Waldorf. But let’s not linger..

Thailand’s royal family also has a true style icon. Princess Sirivannavari is only 28, but has alreay two fashion shows in her name. Back in 2007 and 2008 she showed at the fashionweek in Bangkok and Pariiissss. It doens’t get any better. Nowadays she is more into visiting shows than creating them. Nevertheless she is beautiful and has the most amazing outfits!

H&M Recycling

H&M is really working hard to break free from all the bad-wages, dangerous-work-circumstances and child-labour allegations. They show their participation in making things better with their concisous-line. Now they have a new project, a little bit closer to home.

H&M has collaborated with the London College of Fashion to raise awareness of life (for your products) after buying. By putting only donating used H&M-clothes in 8 shop windows they want to show what great outfits can be made out of ‘older’ clothes.

You can participate by donating your used-H&M-Clothes in a English store or in the Big Donation Box at Covent Garden, London. For those who just wanna add more H&M to their wardrobe there is a competion. Guess how many items were used in the shop windows, state on Instagram, add #CloseTheLoop  @hm, and maybe you will win the 250 pound shopping money!

Vogue September

Vogue is one of the worlds leading fashion magazines. When you are at the cover of Vogue you can surely say: “I Made It“.

The september issue of Vogue is always a little bit extra special. And this year’s cover model for THE Dutch issue of the year is the beautiful Imaan Hamman. Congratulations Imaan! The motto is New Icon, New Season, New Vogue which sounds like a lot of inspiration for the coming season!  We can’t wait for the new issue to be in the stands.