News ~ Louboutin Lipstick

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An outfit is not really an outfit when it is not completed with the right accessories. We all know that. Sometimes we do forget that the right make-up is just a big a part of this as wearing the right bag, right shoes and right jewelery. That is why it is only logical that designers would come up with make-up that perfectly fits their designs!

Christian Louboutin is famous for his iconic crimson-red-heeled-pumps. When the first Christian Louboutin Nail Polish was announced we were all ecstatic. Now we could match our nails to our Louboutins! (Because we all have like 10 pairs)… Or at least say: “I am wearing Christian Louboutin“. The spectacular Lacquer-bottles were just a very (verrry) nice bonus! Now adding to the ever growing empire; lipsticks!

“When a woman carries a handbag, we look at her shoulders. When she slips on a pair of heels, we observe her walk. If she applies lacquer to her nails, we admire her hands. An object that embellishes the lips—the beacon of sensuality and organ of communication—has to be fairly amazing. The object should inspire a beautiful gesture.” Said Louboutin in the official release.

The lipsticks will be available in three finishes; Silky Satin, Velvet Mate and Sheer Voile. The 38 colors are derived from the most iconic shoes and handbags Christian Louboutin has designed. Think: borderline-black burgundies, delicate nudes, iconic crimsom. But the prize is not only the lipstick itself. The case is a real treasure! It was designed to be worn around your neck as a pendant. The pointed gold base and turret-like crown cap are inspired by Babylonian antiquities. So, your lipstick will not only be a statement made by the lips..

In september you can treat yourself to one of these babies. Maybe you should already start saving a little..The price will be around $ 90 (€82).