10 X ~ Timeless Musthaves

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Keeping up with all the trends in fashion is full-time job, one of the best full-time job’s but still… It-bags, dress, tops, trousers, shoes, accessories; one day they’re in and the other day they’re out. Not to mention what this does to your bank account!

The real challenge is to mix and match trends with timeless classics in a way that creates your own personal (trendy) style and makes you feel comfortable. Opinions of what the classics are differ, but the next 10 items are undisputed. Easy to combine and they offer an appropriate outfit for every occasion.

#1 ~ Trench Coat
A true classic, so you will find one in every collection. The trenchcoat is suitable for every season and protects you from the whims of the elements in a stylish way. They are available in many different colors and lenghts; camel to red and from  just-below-the-hips to touching-the-ankles. When you take good care of your trenchcoat it could last a lifetime, so it’s worth a little invesment.

#2 ~ Little Black Dress
Party? Don’t know what to wear? LBD! Simple, stylish and always a good idea. Add some color by wearing kick ass pumps, a bag or striking accessories; and you are good to go!

#3 ~ White Blouse
Never goes out of style. A white blouse is perfect as a workoutfit, or a for casual afternoon in the city. Wear it to the office with a sophisticated pair of  black pants and some heels. A more casual day? Try it with a nice pair of jeans and sneakers. The white blouse is your go-to-piece for every occasion.

#4 ~ Cardigan
Warm, comfy en super stylish; a cardigan. Every outfit can be completed by a nice cardigan. During the winter an absolute must, during the summer a nice twist to the coat.

#5 ~ Black Pump
The black pump can be combined with pretty much any outfit. Two important checks when buying a pair: 1. Are they comfortable? 2. Can you walk gracefully in them?  Nothing is worse than having your feet hurt after 2 minutes. Well.. not being able to walk properly in them is also a big No-No. Make sure they are your BFF’s and you will be rewarded!

#6 ~ Striped Shirt 
That the Bretons stripe is an all time favorite needs no convincing. Every Parissiene wears it, so it must be fashionable. Apart from the must-be-fashion-aspect, the print is very easy to combine and gives an casual outfit a little bit of funk.

#7 ~ Chambray Shirt
Casual outfit that is comfy and trendy? Rock a fitted jeans (or pants) with a chambray blouse. Tough but ladylike and suitable for (almost) any occasion.

#8 ~ The Perfect Jeans
It’s the struggle most women go through; finding the perfect jeans. For some of us it is an on-going quest, but when you do find it.. never let go. Look for a model that is figure-hugging and which makes you feel comfortable.

#9 ~ Black Blazer
Every outfit can instantly be made chique by adding a black blazer. When buying a blazer look at the location of the buttons, it is very important that they are in the right position so the blazer won’t twitch.

#10 ~ Leather Jacket
Just like the trenchcoat a leahter jacket is an absolute must and investment. It gives you an edgy look and keeps you warm at the same time. If you have a problem with leather (principally, morally..) there are also very refined faux leather jackets these days.