Weekend Update ~ Louboutin & Beyoncé & Apple Watch

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~Christian Louboutin~

Louboutin is a busy bee, very busy. Just last week the fabulous heel-designer announced that their make up-line will be extended in September, and now they reveal a brand new app called Louboutinize.

Nowadays taking a picture of everything you do is a must. Throw in some filters, touching up and colors, et voila.. Your picture is social-media-worthty! Christian Louboutin has created an app that can help you with just that! At this point the app contains only 3 filters, but soon there will be added more. My absolute favorite is the rouge-filter which adds that iconic-crimson-red-color to your picture.


Good news for everyone who has the desire to have a tattoo, but doesn’t have the guts to really commit to it. Beyoncé has designed temporary tattoos. The Bee Hive tattoos come in multple colors , sizes and a whopping 57 different designs.

The tattoos will last for about 4 to 6 days, depending on where you put them and how well you take care of them. The price for the 5-sheet-package is $28 (€25) and is available at Flash Tattoos.

~Apple Watch~
Apple Watch

It is the ultimate Modern-Meets-Vintage concept. An Apple Watch worn like a pocket watch. Very last century of course. Bucardo found that is was time for a change and started designing pendants to wear your Apple Watch around your neck.

The designs have that nostalgic-retro-hipster-feel to it and come in gold and silver (some of them even have a diamond!). At this point they are only available via Kickstarter and the price range is from $100 to $5000.

Only downside of this fabulous idea is that some of the functions of the Apple Watch can not be used anymore when you don’t wear it around your wrist.. But Hey! You look great wearing it!