Favo ~ The Not So Pretty Side Of New York..

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I want to be a part of it.. New York, New York! is Frank Sinatra’s message ever since 1980 (or 1978, opinions differ). And don’t we all just wanna be?

Partly thanks to the not-so-subtle promotion by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City, New York is on many fashionista’s to-visit-list. The New York Ladies-style is an inspiration to women all over the world and a real contender to the Parisienne and her easy-breezy-look. But before you pack your bags and leave for The Big Apple you might want to know this..

The New York subway smell is far from pleasant. No matter how much Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf you spray..

Besides the wow-effect of Sky High Heels they have a practical side; the streets of NY are dirty. You will inevitably end up with black soles at the end of the day when wearing flat sandals.

Meatpacking District and West Village may be hotspots, they are absolute Not-Spots for wearing high heels. Cobblestones + Heels = Not A Match Made In Heaven.

Strappy Sandals won’t last longer than one season. Sadly, Carrie Bradshaw’s Happy Shoe Closet is not totally based on reality.

The moment you really can’t walk any further in your heels will be the moment the city runs out of good old Yellow Cabs.

Marilyn Monroe and her stirred up skirt have reached the iconic status. When you are caught on a subway ventilator, you will not be that gracious. Not Even Close.

During the summer your hair frizzes up, like 5 times what it normally looks like. And your make-up will melt, like 5 times faster. Life isn’t fair.

During the cold winters the sidewalk becomes a real deathtrap. The 6 inch heels you subbornly keep wearing also won’t help.


 But still.. Gotta Love This City