Tip ~ Must See Fashion Docu’s

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Since August isn’t treating us to summer-like-wheater, we are bound to stay in the house. Snuggling with a blanket and hot tea on the couch sounds like a pretty good idea!

Fashion documentaries are a godsend during these rainy summer days. Get your daily inspiration fix while watching these ‘Must Have Seen Docu’s‘.

Dior and IDior And I ~ See how Raf Simons finds his way at Dior

Mademoiselle C Mademoiselle C ~ Carine Roitfeld shows us how see leaves Vogue and starts her own magazine CR Fashionbook

Lagerfeld Confidential Lagerfeld Confidential ~Get to know Karl Lagerfeld, the man behind the black sunglasses and white ponytail.

The September Issue The September Issue ~ Everybody knows that the september issue of a magazine is the most import issue of the year. Check out how Anna Wintour and her creative director assemble The September Issue of Vogue.

Valentino ~ The last emperor Valentino; The Last Emperor ~ Get in to the world of Valentino. See how he says his goodbye’s to the Fashion Industry after 40 years of hard and loving work.