10 X ~ If This Would Exist..

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We are living the fast life. Everything has to go faster, easier and more efficient, because time is money. That’s why it’s amazing that the next 10 products (and, OK.. 1 place) aren’t out there yet. Because I’m pretty sure you would jump to the ceiling from happiness if you’d come across…

#1 ~ Movie Theater Toilets

Ever had to use the bathroom during the movie but didn’t want to go, because you would miss a part of the movie? Well, here is the solution! A screen in the bathroom floor playing YOUR movie!

#2 ~ Bean Bag Cinema Seats 

Cinema Seats are pretty comfy.. most of the time. Still, Bean Bags as cinema seats sounds a lot like heaven! Let’s hope you don’t fall a sleep during the movie..

#3 ~ Wall Outlet + USB

YES PLEASE.. For al those times your iPhone, iPad or any other device is about to die.

#4 ~ Wall Outlet + Extension Cord

This way can once and for all get rid of those hideous extensions cords laying around the house.

#5 ~ Turnable Benches

No more having to sit on a wet bench after a torrential rain. Just turn the bench upside down and you can sit.. dry!

#6 ~ No Drip Coffee Mug

For all those who really need their morning coffee, and really need it to not be dripping all over their outfit or table.

#7 ~ The Most Convenient Backpack

I don’t think this needs any explanation..

#8 ~ Hot&Cold Charger  image

All of that charging of our devices is not really good for the environment. This chargers is activated by a hot or cold drink. That way you can enjoy you drink and charger you phone at the same time!

#9 ~ Bike Not Away! 

We Dutchies ride our bike, a lot. And when you get to your destination it proves to be a real challenge to safely park your bike. You have to chain it to at least two trees and a concrete pole to make sure it will still be there when you get back. We need and want these “hidden” bike racks!!

#10 ~ Segway Vacuum Cleaner

OK, OK.. it may not be the most convenient one, but think of the fun you’ll have while cleaning the house!