Tip ~ How To Care For Your Lingerie

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It’s the basis of every outfit; Lingerie. Sometimes you want to show it off, sometimes it’s just underneath your (amazing) outfit, but one thing is for sure.. you wear it everyday. With that comes the fact you have to wash every time you have worn it, and that’s the tricky part. Because what is the best way to care for you lingerie?

First things first. How many times do you have to wash your lingerie? Underwear should be washed every time you have worn it (Duhh.. Of Course!). The frequency of washing your bras depends of a few factors, like; how many bras do you have, how often you wear them,  underneath what you wear them and in what conditions. If you wear a bra a few times a week (rotate your bra so it can readjust in between wears) it is recommended to wash them every other week. If you wear a specific bra once a weak, you should wash it every month. During the summer the frequency will be higher due to humidity and occasional sweating.

Next dilemma: hand wash or washing machine? Know one thing; lingerie and the washing machine is not a match made in heaven! It’s just like clothing, the finer the garment, the more delicate the care should be, the longer your lingerie will last. Hand wash sounds like a lot of work, but it really is the best option (especially for underwire bras). Use cold water and delicate detergent and it will only take about 10 minutes to wash you delicates (and saves you from a broken washing machine due to a stuck wire). Underwear can be machine washed on the delicate program.

Why delicate detergent? No, this is not just a marketing stunt, delicate detergent really preserves your lingerie better. Normal detergent will break down fabric fibres way faster than the delicate one.

Why cold water? Using hot water will shrink your clothes and your garment will unravel easier. When washed in cold water the materials will stay in tact and your items will last longer. After their bath you have to wring them to get rid of the extra water. Squeeze it extra gently, you don’t want to crinkle them.

After washing your delicates need to dry. What is the best way; hanging or laying flat? If you have a drying rack, laying flat to dry is the absolute best. When you don’t have that luxury you can hang it out to dry. The one thing you should never do is laying it flat to dry on a solid surface, that way there is no air circulation.

Now you know exactly how to take care of your lingerie. Use these tips and the life span of your delicates will elongate and you can keep feeling sexy!