Tip ~ Master These 23 Life Skills

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When I grow up I wanna be..
Yes, well, being an adult is not always a walk in the park. But if you really want to be a grown up, you have to act like one. Mastering the following 23 life skills will help you do just that..

#1 ~ Keep a calendar of your commitments
Do  yourself, and the people you make plans with, a favor and keep a calendar of all your appointments. Of course you need to check it on a regular basis.

#2 ~ Timely gift-giving
Know when you have to give your loved ones a gift. A week or month later really is like attempt to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. Excuses like “searching for the perfect present” just won’t do anymore.

#3 ~ Wrap your gifts
Wrapping you gifts really tops it all. Throw in a bow and a card, and it really doesn’t matter what you bought..

#4 ~ Make dinner reservations in advance
When you know you are having dinner with some one, just make the dinner reservation! Why wait? Treat yourself and your date to a stress-free, best-table dinner.

#5 ~ Send Thank-You cards
An e-mail or text message just won’t do. Thank-You cards don’t only look very chique it is also very thoughtful.

#6 ~ Remember names the first time around
Remembering the name of people you have just met proves to be very difficult. Try repeating the name during the conversation or think of a funny story to help you remember.

#7 ~ Tip properly
From the bell boy to the waitress to the taxi driver, they make your life easier. Show your gratitude by tipping them generously.

#8 ~ Take good care of your clothes
Best thing of growing up is that you stay in the same size. That means building a wardrobe worth a small fortune. Make sure you take care of your investment. People will take you more seriously when your clothes look like they have been taking care of.

#9 ~ Say “No”
Take care of yourself. Know when to say “No”. When you stop worrying about all the thing you should do, you can focus on the thing you really want to.

#10 ~ Be on time, consistently
Nobody likes waiting. When people make time for you, repay them by being on time. It’s the least you can do.

#11 ~ Have your business card on you, at all time
Always be prepared, you never know who’ll meet! The best oppurtunities come from not-orchistrated meetings. You really are going to need that business card on you when you are waiting in line at starbucks.

#12 ~ Exercise self-control
Being able to control yourself is the most adult thing you could do. Not buying that overpriced sweater or having that ‘one-too-many’ drink will save you from a lot of trouble, and will make you feel véry grown-up.

#13 ~ Keep, and stick to, your to-do-list
Not only write them down, actually do the things you feel like are important.

#14 ~ Pay bills on time
Save yourself a lot of money and trouble and pay your bills on time! Not only for yourself, it’s very annoying if you have to wait for your money. How would you feel when your salary comes in 2 weeks late?

#15 ~ Stay on budget
The best (and only) way to survive adulthood.. budget-budget-budget. There a lot of financing apps out there that can help you stay on budget.

#16 ~ Have at least the basics in your kitchen, at all time
Make sure your fridges contains some fruits and vegetables and your pantry has some dry-goods to eat. You don’t want to find yourself eating cereals all day – every day.

#17 ~ Follow through
When you make plans, set goals or commit yourself to something.. follow through. It’s very important people know they can rely on you and your word. Of course #10 of this list will save you from over-committing.

#18 ~ Take care of small home projects
Don’t rely on your parents to come and fix everything around your house. Trial and error is the way to learn these things yourself. Bought new curtains? Try it yourself, your father will come rescue you when it is a total disaster.

#19 ~ Plan your financial future
Live in the moment but think about your future. Start saving in your twenties. Think about if you want to invest. Set financial goals. Your 40/50/60/70 year old you will thank you for it.

#20 ~ Stick to whatever exercise works for you
By now must have tried 1.000 different kinds of sports/exercises to know what you really like. Stick to that kind of exercise, it fits you and that way you can follow through on it without the crying and sobbing.

#21 ~ Exercise basic culinary techniques
Yes, by now you should be able to boil an egg, make spaghetti and grill a steak. Just in case you need to prepare a home cooked meal and you don’t want to poison your guests.

#22 ~ Master a few signature dishes
After the basics comes the mastering. Find your which dishes you like most en cook them a lot.. and then I really mean a lot! Let everybody know you are their go-to-girl for a delicous steak.

#23 ~ Be ready for drop-in guests
People dropping by, all fun and games, but they would like something to drink or to eat. Be prepared for that. Have some soda and nuts you can offer them. A glass of water will just not do.