10 X ~ Things Successful People Do, Always

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Being successful is something only you can make happen for yourself. Of course a good network, money and luck will help, but it is still YOU who has to gather those things.

Focussing on the positive things instead of the negative will help you get on your way to success. Author Bill Murphy Jr. found that successful people are successful because they practice good habits. The following 10 things will help you become the most successful version of yourself.

Laughing ~ Life is fun and there is humor in every situation. If you can’t laugh about yourself, you are being way too serious!

Learning ~ Make sure you keep learning, every day!

Listening ~ If you want to learn, you need to master the art listening. Successful people usualy are very active listeners and follow up by asking questions.

Empathizing ~ In order for you to be succesfull it is sometimes necessary to put your self in some one else’s shoes.

Giving ~ Successful people realize that they will need help eventually. Invest in relationships by giving, that way people will be (more) glad to help you out!

Thanking ~ Success depends on a few factors, one of them is the ‘Like-factor’.  Gratitude cultivates affection, and when people like you they are more likely to go out of their way for you.

Failing ~ Life is about high’s and low’s, sometimes you need to fall so you can rise.

Adventuring ~ Always be open to adventures, you never know what will come of it. Keep an open mind, travel and take (deliberate) risks. Nobody ever got successful by doing nothing.

Loving ~ Love beats hate. Love your life, love your job and eliminate negativity as much as possible (it will only hold you down!).

Forgiving ~ Not so much for the other person, but for you. If you learn how to forgive, you will be more free.