Favo ~ POM Amsterdam

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During the Berlin Fashion Week, last july, the beautiful POM Amsterdam scarves stole my heart. The prints, the design, the fabric, it is all perfectly in sync with the vibe the company stands for, which is: “superb quality shawls that make women happy”. 

The home made designs show the power of women and a little bit of their beloved Amsterdam. Decorated with dazzling prints or just plain, the scarves are a real addition to every outfit.

Because of the genius asymmetrical shape the scarves are very easy to wear, in many different ways. The bright and, at the same time, chique colors make that the scarves are also very easy to combine. Use it as a warming item or make it the star of your outfit.

Besides amazing scarves the POM Amsterdam collection includes also capes, caps and gloves. Of course totally in the style of the unique scarves. The different finishes provide a playful effect.