All ~ Waiting Sucks

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The human race is NOT made for waiting. If it is for some one who is late for an appointment or for your food order to be ready or your hair to grow.. it sucks when your patience is tested, especially when..

#1 ~ .. WhatsApp shows the two blue checks, but you don’t get an answer.
#2 ~ .. the train is 20 minutes late, and you kind of told you were already in the train.
#3 ~ .. the neighbors excepted your parcel, but now are no where to be found.
#4 ~ .. the elevator has to come down from the 44th floor.
#5 ~ .. your computer crashes.
#6 ~ .. the oven is taking longer then expeted, and you are VERY hungry.
#7 ~ .. you are waiting for all the gym hours to finally pay off.
#8 ~ .. you are trying to get a decent signal in the middle of nowhere.
#9 ~ .. you’re waiting for your salary to come in and you have zero, noppes, nada left.
#10 ~ .. the sushi-delivery-boy is taking longer than 5 minutes, how dare he!