5 X ~ Financial Life Lessons

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After a lifetime of school and studying it is truly amazing they forgot to squeeze in these 5 financial life lessons. Because they are major!

Under the veil of better late than never, and to make sure you can start your adult-life with a clean slate (and not with thousands of dollars of debt) is here your speed course Financial Management 101..

#1 ~ How to balance a budget
In order to balance your budget you need to know the cashflow going in and out of your bank account. So, it is really important to keep a thight financial administration. That way you know exactly what is going on with your money and will you be able to set a (realistic) budget.

#2 ~ How to manage credit
Credit scores are a very important number for when you want to get a loan. Therefore it is key to understand how credit scores work, and what the consequences are.

#3 ~ How to invest for retirement
Retirement sounds like something that is a very long time from now. And yes, for most of us it is.. but that doens’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for it. Money is something that takes time to make and therefore you should start now!

#4 ~ How to market yourself and interview for a job
Most of us fresh-out-of-college-kids are very well educated but have no idea how to market ourselve towards the job of our dreams. Studies show that the Millennials’s and Generation Z’s are more likely to be underemployed and/or underpaid because they lack the basic marketing and how-to-interview skills. Let’s do something about that!

#5 ~ How to set goals
Most of your hopes and dreams will eventually depend on financials, therefore it is very important to know how to set goals ánd stick to them. Your goals should help you get what you want, but most importantly have to be realistic.