Favo ~ Harvey Specter Loves DE

~Klik hier voor Nederlands~

Douwe Egberts is a beacon of Dutch Glory. Since 1753 they have been roasting the best coffee for us, and they plan to do keep doing that for a long time. So, a good advertising campaign is a must.

And let me tell you DE did not let you down with their newest campaign. None other than Harvey Specter (YESSS.. from the series Suits) is telling us how amazingly good DE coffee is. We all know that Harvey Specter is fictional and that Gabriel Macht is really the cutie, but hey.. let’s not spoil the fantasy!

Check out the to-die-for-campaign-photo’s.. And to stay with mister Specter’s modest self: “It’s not bragging if it’s true.”

Harvey spector for DE 2

Harvey Spector for DE