Tip ~ The Perfect Low Maintenance Haircuts

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A hairdresser with a great, refreshing haircut idea is something we all fear. Most of the time these ideas turn out to be a disaster. It’s all fun and games at the hairdresser with his/her professional blow-dryer, two hand, lots of hairstyling products and all the time in the world. But when you get home you start to think.. how am I going to get the same result in 5 minutes, with 1 hand, a sucky blow-dryer and just some supermarket hairstyling gel?

Most of us busy bees want a low maintenance haircut that is easy to style. We’d rather spend those 20 minutes in bed than fighting with the blow-dryer. Celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend tells us exactly what kind of haircut agrees  best with type of hair for quick result in the morning.

~Straight Hair~
Straight hair

A bob or lob is best for women with straigt hair and an urge to be quick in the morning. Rule #1: don’t over-do it with the layers. Less is more in this case. Too much layers makes your hair look thiner than it actually is! A good bob or lob with some face-framing-layers is very easy to style and always looks chique. Use some dry shampoo or volumizing spray to add body and texture to your haircut.

~Wavy Hair~
Wavy Hair

Wavy haired women actually have nothing to complain about. The hair texture is perfect of air-drying, usually they have no problems with too thin or too thick hair and the day that beach-waved-hair is out of style will never come. Go for a haircut that is well beneath your shoulder and has a lot of layers, the first one starting at lip-length.

~Curly Hair~
Curly Hair

Curls are beautiful and the dream of every non-curly women. For curly women they can be a nightmare. It takes a lot of work to keep them under control, and it takes a specialist to cut it the right way. Avoid razors and thinning sheers at all cotst! The haircut it self can go from short bob to long face framing curls. Hairproducts are key in the curly-hair-style, find a product that makes your curly locks bouncy and look healthy.