5 X ~ Tips To Make High Heels Comfy

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#1 ~ When In Doubt, Size Up
If you are in-between-sizes always (I repeat, ALWAYS) go for the bigger one. You can always pad them to make sure you won’t slip out of them. Hoping for shoes to stretch out is like waiting for christmas and easter to be on the same day.

#2 ~ Not Every Heel Has To Be Super-High
Of course sky-high-heels are gorgeous, but they can get very uncomfortable. The ball of your foot will eventually start aching and when that happens, nothing can safe you. Try a kitten heel sometime, it’s almost as if you are wearing flats but still it has that super feminine touch.

#3 ~ Rotate Different Toe Styles
There are a lot of different toe styles you can choose from. When you are always wearing pointy shoes, your foot and most importantly your toes, will grow in that position. Sounds painful.. Therefore; try to rotate them! Go for a round toe and open toe every once in awhile.

#4 ~ Even Comfortable Heels Can Get Uncomfortable
It’s OK to celibrate when you find a pair of heels that is comfortable. But keep in mind that after a long, long day even the most comfortable shoes will start to feel a little less comfortable. Don’t panic! Just put on some flats of house socks when you hit home territory (BTW it is advised to NOT wear heels while at home, give your feet their well deserved rest!). When this is not an option? Try padding and putting some cotton balls in the pointy part of the heel.

#5 ~ Never Wear Brand New Heels To A Big Event
Last, but certainly not least.. never ever wear brand new shoes to big events. ALWAYS break in the new shoes at occasions where you are able to pull out the flats. I mean, you don’t go on a two week vacation with someone you have met only once, right?!