Tip ~ Look Stylish In 3 Steps

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Being fashionable is a full time job. Being stylish is something you were born with. But what to do when you lack the style-gene feature? Well, keep calm and follow these 3 easy steps..

#1 ~ Less Is More
You can find a lot of input on the ‘Less Is More’- statement. And yes, most of it is true. But still.. how do you put togehter the perfect Less-Is-More-outfit? First of all: remove one accessory or piece of jewelry before you leave the house. Women tend to over-accessorize. Before we know it we walk around with 3 necklaces, 20 bracelets and 2 purses. One of each is MORE than enough, in some cases even that is too much. Secondly, try to keep you color usage manageable. Ton-sur-ton or two colors will do just fine. You don’t want to look like a color box. Last but not least, try to keep fringed items to a minimum. That way the impact of your statement piece is way bigger.

#2 ~ Know What Shapes Work Best With Your Figure
Poorly fitted clothing is one of the worst things. It doens’t matter what you are wearing, if it doesn’t fit right, your outfit is doomed. Find a silhouette that follows your body type and work well with your figure. Highlight your assets, don’t fight them!

#3 ~ Add A Third Piece 
Where step #1 tells you about Less Is More, is step #3 all about adding a third piece. Confusing? Maybe a little, but hear me out.. Most stylist swear by adding a signature piece, like a scarf, hat or special kind of coat. This way you create a constantly stylish look and add a little personal touch to every outfit!