5 X ~ Long Hair, DO Care!

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Every girl wants to have the long, flowy, princess-like hair. We all know that going to the hairdresser is a must, at least if he (or she) is not to zealous. You need to get rid of the split end in order to grow some more!

But did you know that your food is also of very big influence on your hair-growing-ambition? Eating the right things like iron-rich-spinace and zinc-filled-shellfish is step one. Step two is stop, or at least reduce, eating the things that secretly stop the hair-growing-process. Here are 5 of those villains that keep you from your princessy locks.

#1 ~ Fatty Fish

Yeah, that sounds crazy right!? Fatty fish, like salmon and tuna, is the number one food that is supposed to be good for your skin, hair and nails. But some kinds of fish contain high levels of mercury. And mercury slows down the protein development and affects the absorption of zinc (which is crucial to the keratine formation). Swordfish and mackerel are know for their high levels of mercury. If you can’t live without your fish-fix go for the ‘light’ varieties of the canned tuna, salmon and/or shrimp. The American Food And Drug Administration says that if you keep your consumption under 12 ounces a week and minimize your sushi-dates to 3 (at most) times a week your hair will be totally fine!

#2 ~ Processed Sugar

Not very surprising, but processed sugars are also not very good for your hair. We are aware of the fact that cupcakes, cookies and candybars are bad for your skin but now we have learned that the insuline rush you get from eating processed sugars make your androgen (a male hormone) level spike. And androgen makes irritates and shrink the hair follicles. And that, you guessed it.. is not a receipe for long strong hair.

#3 ~ Juice Cleanses
Juice Cleanse

Another wake-up-call. Juice cleanses are very popular, getting rid of all the bad toxics was never this easy. But as it turns out, juice cleanses are bad for your hair. Because you are on a all-sugar-and-no-protein-diet with the JC’s your insuline and androgen levels spike (and that is not good, see #2) and the chance of inflammation increases, which is also not very good for the hair-growing-process.

#4 ~ Low-Protein Foods
White Bread

Hair is made out of protein. In order for your hair to grow it needs more of that protein. When you eat a lot of low-protein products like white bread, pasta and cereals you hair can look limp and unhealthy. Most of the times these products are also high(er) in sugars and we already found out what that can do to your hair. So if you want shiny bouncy hair, find food that contains a lot of protein!

#5 ~ Vitamin A
Vitamin A

Most of the times vitamines are good for you. But in exceptional cases it is not. If you take too much vitamin A for example. This will shrink your oil glands in such a way that they will stop producing oil, which leads to thin dried out hair and in some cases even hair loss! Just to be clear: You need to eat A LOT OF vitamin pills, tomatoes and carrots to reach this point. And popping a vitamin pill will not do this to your hair. But it is good to keep in mind that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.