Weekend Update ~ Kim Kardashian & Hugo Boss & Doutzen Kroes

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~Kim Kardashian~
Kim K

Where most women have one, maybe two closets, Kim Kardashian has a whole room full of clothes. And another one for her shoes. And another one for accessories. But let’s not get into that. Even with that much closet space you need to clean out from time to time. And that’s what Kim did!

She is selling all of her ‘left-overs’ on auction site eBay. Yes, that means you can buy an real worn-by-Kim-Kardashian-item! The cheapest item starts at $0,99, so no need to rob your savings! The raised money is going to The Vous Church in Miami. The biding started the 10th of September and closes at the 20th, so seize your chance!

~Hugo Boss~
Hugo Boss

A judge in Oxford (England) sentenced German fashion House Hugo Boss to pay a 1,6 million euro fine to the family of a 4-year-old boy who died in the Bicester branche of HB.

The boy was hit by a huge free-standing mirror that fall down. The judge found that even a layman it was obvious that this mirror was a big treat and was not put in place properly. Of course it won’t bring the little back, but justice has been served.

~Doutzen Kroes~

This year Doutzen Kroes turned 30! WE Fashion and Dance 4 Life found this was an event worth celebrating. They came up a special Capsule Collection for this occasion.

The collection contains a biker jacket, mini skirt, skinny jeans, bracelet, twee graphic designed shirts and more. For every sold item an amount will be donated to Dance 4 Life, the organisation Doutzen represents. Funny Fact: every item comes with a nicely wrapped Wingman-condom. Win-Win-Win Situation one might say!