Tip ~ City Girls Style Rules

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Living in a big city requires some advanced styling skills. You always need to be prepared for everything. Therefor the bag of city girl is her lifeline. From make-up to clothing to handy items, you name it and they got it!

But this hard-knock life also implicates that you need to dress appropriate. In one day you can easily find yourself in a fashionable-coffee-date, upper-class-lunch, hipster-smoothie-zen-moment, fast-food-dinner and party-hardy-underground-club. As you will understand.. some adjustibility is required. If you follow these Styling Rules for City Girls you will be fine!

#1 ~ ALWAYS Have A Pair Of Flats With You
Yes, I know.. you live in your heels. The higher the better. But when you feel that blister coming up you will be super grateful you brought that extra pair of flats. And to think about the moment your heel breaks, HORROR! Switch those shoes and nobody will notice, well you will be like 4 inch shorter. But hey..at least you are comfortable!

#2 ~ Think Tree L’s: Leather, Layers & Lipstick
As a true city girl you will never go wrong with the tree big L’s. As explained before, the big-city-life requires some adaptive power. Therefor Layers are the way to “build-up” your outfit. When it gets too hot, you just lose a layer and still look amazing (of course it also works the other way around!) Lipstick is considered an accessory; end of story. And Leather is your best friend. It makes your look stylish, sweet and rough and the same time. The 3 L’s combined is pretty much a match made in heaven.

#3 ~ You Will Need A Huge (But Gorgeous) Bag 
As mentioned before; you will need a good sized bag. The list of items and accessories you’ll have to carry around is endless. And let’s not forget: a bag is part of your outfit! When you get around by train, subway and taxi it’s neccessary to find a bag you can easily carry, is pickpocketting-proof and still looks amazing.. Good Luck!

#4 ~ Investing In Shoes Is ALWAYS Worth It 
The quality of your shoes is of big importance. Not just because a whole outfit can be downgraded by wearing the wrong (or cheap-looking) shoes, but also because they have to carry you around. Your shoes will most probably be the first to show wear-and-tear. And instead of buying new ones every month, it is very wise to invest in a pair that can stay with you for a longer period of time.