Report ~ Men VS Women 

It’s a world wide known fact; men are from Mars, women from Venus. That explains the many differences. From the not-so-good-at-multitasken to the lack of fashion knowhow. But men are making a true comeback when it comes to the latter. 

15 years ago no man celebrity was dressed by a stylist, they were perfectly able to pick out their own outfits. At least that’s what they thought. Stylist were for women, not for men. But the tables have turned. Nowadays stylist are very populair with all the sexes. Men also found that being dressed the right way improves not only the way you look, but also your image! And that is good for business. 

In 2012 Forbes concluded that men buy clothes because they have to. These shopping trips only take place when they absolutely need to. But according to Italo Zucchelli, creative director at Calvin Klein, there is a revolution going on with men and fashion. In The New York Times of january 2015 he introduced the fascinating line ‘men are the new women‘. 

This observation is quite remarkeble, because it is inconsistent with pretty much every scientific research ever conducted on the matter. Women like to shop with (girl)friends, men prefer to hint alone. Women compare prices, quality and think long and hard before purchasing an item, men like it and buy it  simple as that. A different way of using the brain is the cause of these different approaches. 

But when you look around, you will see that Italo is onto something. Maybe men don’t operate like women, they sure think about the way the look. But is it fair to say that this ‘caring’ is new to men? In the 16th en 17th century men were the ones parading in beautiful clothes, not women. So maybe men are just going back to their roots, and women are the ones who have truly evolved.