Lifestyle ~ Permanent Vacation Mode

Vacation is synonim for relaxation, doing what you want to do, at the time you want to do it and in the paste you want to do it in. No stress. Well, maybe a little bit of stress.. I mean a suitcase isn’t going to pack it self and this usually goes with some hardcore-outfit-decision-making. But after that the vacation fun can begin. 

Of course total relaxation is reached in stages. During the travelling we are kind of detoxing our stressy-lifestyle. This means that at the AirPort we still need to be the first to get through security, squeeze ourself to the front of the line at the gate and fight our way to our (reserved) seats. Only to repeat this process at the final destination. When travelling by car detoxing means arguing about the best way to pack the car, arguing about the best route, arguing about when to stop and last but not least.. Who drives. 

When we arrive at our new adress for the coming few days, weeks or even month(s) we feel enlightend. This is what we dreamed about.. undivided time for your loved ones and of course for yourself. In reality we are still full of stress during the first days. Think: getting up at 6 AM to reserve the beachbeds and go back to bed for a few hours (make sure you don’t miss the hotels breakfast!), sprinting to the local boulangerie to beat your neighbors to the punch and get that freshly baker baguette et croissants.. You get my point. These symptoms usually dissapear after a few days. When you feel like it really doesn’t matter which beachbed is yours because the sun shines the same 10 meters to the left (and guess what.. also to the right!) and the boulangerie has freshly baked good almost 24 hours a day, that is the moment relaxation is kicking in! 

The Italians, Greek, Spanish and French allready know.. Take it easy. This way of thinking might have something to do with the blazing sun during the summer, but hey.. They are right! We all can’t wait to go and spend our vacation in those regions, because of the sun, the food, the people and because we can relax there! Why don’t we try and take some of the relaxation mode, we just turned on, home? You know.. just to try it out? Who knows what will come of it. And if it doesn’t work out, we can still go to our southern neighbors, who got this thing down!