News ~ Ikea @ MFW

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Ikea and MFW in the same sentence might seem a little weird. You may wonder; who used Ikea furniture in their show?! But, nothing could be further from the truth.

So maybe nobody actually used Ikea items to show their Haute Couture.. because that would be outrageous, of course. But Ikea was represent at the MFW, and they were showing. Themselves. Yes.. Ikea showed two brand new fashion-inspired home lines during the big Milan Fashion Week of 2015.

The Swedish Furniture Giant collaborated with two fashion designers. The result? GILTIG by Katie Eary and SVÄRTAN by Martin Bergström. So, yes.. now there is real good and legitimate reason for every fashionista to visit Ikea.

Katie Eary made name for her self in the fashion industry but gathered world fame with her collaboration with Kanye West. The GILTIG line consist of aprons, dinnerware, cushion and lampshades dripping with her fabulous street style.
Katie Eary for IkeaMartin Bergström, on the other hand, used a colour palette of black, white and grey. The Swedish designer (who was partly educated in Berlin) is known for using abstract fiction in his designs. The SVÄRTAN line is inspired by the mesmerizing world of India and contains bed sheets, rugs and glassware.
Martin Bergstrom for Ikea

Got excited? Well, you do have to be patient.. Because these must-have-items will be in over 300 Ikea Stores by summer 2016.