Favo ~ Nike X Sweets

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Nike and desserts may not be the most obvious combo, but it sure is a colorful one! The universal bestseller Air Max 90 has been updated with a brand new line, called City Collection. From London to Shanghai, they are all represented!

‘What has this to do with desserts?‘ you may wonder. Well, the sneakers’ color palette are inspired on iconic desserts from each city. Check out the fingerlicking match up..

Nike Air Max 90 - Shanghai Shanghai ~ Must Win Cake 
The 3D-detailing looks just like the icing on this well-known Shanghai cake

Nike Air Max 90 - London London ~ Eton Mess
Imagine pieces of meringue, strawberries and cream mixed together. The result is called Eton Mess, after Eton College where it is traditionally served at cricket games.

Nike Air Max 90 - Paris Paris ~ Macarons
We all know this typical Parisian treat, and the purple one’s our favorite!

Nike Air Max 90 - New YorkNew York ~ Strawberry Cheesecake
The best cheesecake in the world can be found in NY, the strawberries are just a very welcome bonus!

Nike Air Max 90 - MilanMilan ~ Aperitivo
One of the best Italian idea’s ever.

Nike Air Max 90 - TokyoTokyo ~ Harajuku Crêpe
Whether you go for a savoury or a sweet one, all of these Japanse crêpes are a real treat!