News ~ Ikea Goes Dutch 

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It marks the start of a long-term cooperation; the announcement that Ikea and Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek are going to work together on a new designer collection. They are going on a journey together to create durable and inspirational items.


The first limited collection will be named JASSA. The sturdy material cane is going to be the star of the collection. Textile, for inside ánd outside, will be the other pillar. Eek and Ikea went on a inspirational trip to Indonesia to discover traditional techniques to use on the Scandinavian material. That way the items will have a very authentic feel.Every item will develop and contain their own character, making it a limited edition.

Piet Hein Eek for Ika

The collaboration between Eek and Ikea is characterized by making design available for everyone. The filosophy of both parties may be miles apart, but they feel that is no obstacle. Mixing their usual ways will lead to a design collection that is perfect in its imperfection (just how Eek’s likes it) and can be brought to a very large audience (the Ikea way).