News ~If Your Pizza Could Talk..

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Everything has to mean something. From the way you eat your pizza to the shape of your lips to the way your do your laundry. It all says something about your personality and you as a person.

So if you want to change yourself a little bit, all you have to do is eat your pizza in a different way. Simple as that! Here is a list of the most remarkable things, you didn’t even know about yourself.

#1 ~ The Shape Of Your Face
Jean Haner (writer of the book The Wisdom Of Your Face) says that the shape of your face tells a lot about your personality. People with a pearshaped face are most likely to want to be in control. Heartshaped faces tend to have an enormous inner strength and people with an oval face shape pretty much always know what to say.

#2 ~The Way You Eat Your Pizza
Yes, even your eating habbits are a mirror to the soul. When you fold your pizza, you are most likely to be a leader. You are a real trendsetter when you first eat the crust. Eating your pizza with knife and fork means that your are very organized and in control. Just grabbing a slice tells the world that you are perfectionistic, which is kind of surprising.

#3 ~ Putting On Your Bra
Patti Wood ( writer of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma) conducted a little research about the way women put on their bra. The result?
* Closing it on your back ~ you are very traditional
* Closing it on the front, then turn it around ~ you are a true influencer (and have looooootsss of bra’s)
* Choosing bra’s that close on the front ~ you are efficient and have absolutely no time to waste.

#4 ~ The Way You Fold Your Laundry 
Patti Wood also found out that the way your fold you laundry says a lot about your personality. People who fold in a perfect rectangle don’t like loose ends, people who roll their laundry are quick and efficient and those who both vertically and horizontally fold are jus not very organized.

#5 ~ The Shape Of Your Lips 
Nowadays we can do a lot about the shape of your lips, and I am pretty sure that also say something about your personality. But people who have naturally fuller lips are social and giving they have a strong desire to be a mum. People with thinner lips are very comfortable being alone and don’t need nobody. People with a round cupid’s bow are very friendly and have a lot of empathy. A more pointy cupid’s bow? Then you are alert and creative. When you have no real cupd’s bow changes are that you have lesser emotional boundries and feel very responsible for a lot things.