Favo ~ Fashionable Camera Accessories

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A photographers life is amazing. Being able to freeze the beautiful, memorable, sad (and everything in between) moments in life is the best feeling in the world. In order to do just that we carry around a lot of stuff. Camera, lenses, flash, filters, extra battery packs.. just to name a few things.

All these necessities need to be stored properly. Most camera bags are black, dark grey or navy. Sometimes with a touch of red, yellow or sand.. if you are lucky. The materials are rigid and waterproof, and the storage space should be convenient so the bags are rectangle. Not really the features that make a fashionista’s heart beat faster.

That’s where Kekke Camerariem comes in. This Dutch company saw a niche in the world of camera accessories and jumped right in. The result? A whole range of cool camera straps and multiple fashionable camera bags. The best part? Kekke Camerariem ships to the Netherlands, Europe and even internationally.

The camera straps are available in 3 versions; neoprene, cotton and leather. All the straps have been tested to carry up to 50 kg! Which should be more than enough to hold your camera. They are equipped with a connector which makes it easy to disconnect your camera when you want to. It also allows you to adjust the length of the strap to your own preferences. The prices vary from EUR 29,95 to EUR 49,95.

The leather straps are made out of 100% leather. On the inside they have microfiber fabric which makes them comfortable to wear. On the outside they are decorated with a nice design or attachments. Woven cotton is the main part of the cotton version. They come in various designs and colors. In the middle  (right around the neck) they have an leather piece to ensure the strap feels comfortabel

I use the neoprene model in combination with my Olympus and I have to say it’s a blessing. The strap is made out of neoprene with a nice designed fabric placed on top. Neoprene  is also used in wet suits (the ones divers use), and brings along the very useful features of durability and elasticity. When you are taking your camera with you the whole day, traditional straps could hurt your neck after a (little) while. The soft neoprene won’t do that, which makes a photo-day-trip so much more enjoyable. The elasticity makes sure your camera isn’t bouncing around your body while you walk. A very convient extra benefit is that the camera feels that much lighter. The topfabric is decorated with fun and colorful designs, which can be worn by both men and women. So it is guaranteed that you have a very fashionable camerastrap which is also extremely comfortable to wear.

Kekke Camerariem does not only have great camera straps, they also designed the ultimate camera bag! Every fashion-loving-lady (or man for that matter) knows the struggle. You picked out the perfect outfit and then comes the camera bag. Bye Bye perfect outfit. The Dark-Brown-Olive and Grey-Aztec bags from Kekke Camerariem are made out of 100% quality leather and are very fashionable. Just like most “normal” leather bags the price comes in at EUR 149,95.

The camerabag suits my Olympus (including 40-150 pro) and extra lense perfectly. It’s even possible to bring extra accessories like a flash. On top of that there still is room for your day-to-day stuff like a wallet, keys and cellphone.The lining is made out of neoprene which keeps your equipment safe. The adjustable stiffeners (included with the bag) make that you can create your own inside lay-out, which you can alter as much as you like.

The bags can be worn in three different ways; over your shoulder, cross body and in your hand. The half-way-zipper makes it very easy to reach for you camera when you are wearing your bag over your shoulder or cross body. That way you don’t have to struggle to get your camera out and shoot that perfect picture in an instant. The shoulder strap is made out of neoprene (just like the camera straps) and not leather, which made that I a little sceptical at first. But while using the bag I found that this was a very good choice! The strap felt soft and comfortable around your body and offers the same benefits as the camerastraps (so no bouncing and extra light)!

These camera accessories really are an asset to your outfit and make you sure you’re fashionable and comfortable at the same time!