5X ~ Keep Me Warm

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Winter is coming. The Starks of Winterfell already warned us. And now we can feel it too.  Days are getting shorter and most of all colder. The struggle between choosing a stylish outfit and a warm outfit is becoming a day-to-day thing now.

But there is a solution! This season it’s very hot to wear a beautiful scarf. That way you will be warm and stylish! Check out these 5 absolute musthaves..

Zara ~ ShawlWarm & Fuzzy, just the way we like it! Get yours at Zara.

Zara ~ Shawl 4This Rusty-Brown-Green one is an absolute must!

Zara ~ Shawl 2You are totally ready for winter with this amazing scarf!

Zara ~ Shawl 3Very Old Skool but in a kick-ass color!

Zara ~ Shawl 5Chique & sophistacated is what this Zara scarf is screaming!