Tip ~ How To Wear Over-The-Knee-Boots

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Over-The-Knee-Boots are very hot and happening this season. You can buy them in every color, material and hight. But it also is an item with a very thin line between fashion-hotshot and fashion-blooper.

What is the best way to wear them, without looking like you provide certain services? The following Do’s and Don’ts will guide through the proces of finding the right outfit for these amazing boots.

~ Do ~ 

1 ~ Wear them with clothing that covers your body. For example: high-neckline, maxi hemlines or sleeves. Of course you can show a little skin, but not too much!

2 ~ Go for a hemlines that covers the top of your boot. As a replacement for showing some skin in that area.

3 ~ If you wan’t to show your more bold side; wear your outfit with a long coat! Very hip and trendy but still edgy.

~ Don’t ~ 

1 ~ Never show more than 12 cm skin between your hemline and  boots. You want to be classy!

2 ~ The boots should be part of the outfit. Not THE outfit. So don’t let them overpower the rest of the items.

3 ~ Fit is always important, but even more so with Over-The-Knee-Boots! Don’t wear too loose or too tight. Find the right model that fit your body perfectly.