10 X ~ Things You Didn’t Know About V&R’s Flowerbomb

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Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf is, next to Bonbon, my favorite fragrances of all time. Ever since the launch in 2005 the perfume has been super popular in all facets of society.The explosion of flowery and musky sweet scent was a real change in the world of fragrances.

Not only the juice inside, also the bottle was very risky. The grenade shape was reason for airport agents to get real nervous and check your bag twice. But, as the designers explain, they went with their gut feeling. And that was SPOT-ON!

To celebrate the 10-year-anniversary of the world’s most flowery bomb, I found 10 facts you didn’t know about V&R’s perfume.

#1 ~ Before The Scent, There Was The Name
Before anything else, Viktor&Rolf knew the name of their perfume. The word Flowerbomb was the best way to describe what they were looking for; an explosion of flowers.

#2 ~ Pretty Controversial 
At first the designers were a little apprehensive when it came to the reaction to their creation, it could go either way. But people seemed to love it, which was really inspiring to V&R!

#3 ~ Creation Time: 3 Years.
They took their time creating the perfect scent. “When you create a fashion collection, you have a couple of months. When you create a perfume, you have a couple of years… Having the time was a luxury, but at the same time, we worked on it for three years and then we were like, ‘We’re really ready to launch.'” Viktor explains.

#4 ~ A Lot Of Other Contenders
In those 3 years V&R have smelled en snifted a lot of scents. When they found the right one, the fine-tuning could start. They estimate the number of contenders between 400 and 500 variations. Which in the end was narrowed down to the one and only Flowerbomb.

#5 ~ Not Only Flowers 
Despite of the name, Flowerbomb does not consist of only flowers. A fragrances made of purely flowers could be a little bit old-fashioned. And that is not what V&R had in mind. They wanted someting a little bit more edgy.

#6 ~ Banned Bottle 
The grenade shaped bottle did cause some troubles at a European airport. The International Airport of Oslo pulled Flowerbomb out of their duty-free shops in 2006, because the bottle looked like a weapon.

#7 ~ The Print Ad Hasn’t Changed In 10 Years
The printed ad, featuring a nude women wrapped in a sheer veil hasn’t changed in 10 years. Viktor: “It’s become quite an icon. One of the things we wanted to convey was the feeling of mystery, and that’s why the woman is veiled. The woman becomes like a flower, or sort of an explosion.”

#8 ~ No Celebrity Faces 
The choice of not using a celebrity was a very concious one. Viktor: “We wanted every woman to be able to identify [with] or project herself onto this mysterious creature [in the ad].”

#9 ~ Tori Amos Super Fan
From all the celebrities loving Flowerbomb, Tori Amos hold a special place. She sang at the launch of the perfume and also at its 10-year-anniversary party. Speaking of loyalty!

#10 ~ Still On Top
Flowerbomb is still one of the top sellers in departments stores at this moment. Which is pretty amazing after 10 years. Some wise words from  Viktor: “Success is a mystery, and we hoped for it, but we didn’t expect it”