Tip ~ How To Store Your Shoes

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Being able to always match your shoes with your outfit means owning lot of shoes. Sounds like the dream of every fashionista, but the downside of having a private shoe shop at home is that it takes up a lot of space. Of course you don’t want your shoes to lie around all mixed up and not taken care of.. but storing over 50 pairs of shoes means a big (BIG!!) closet.

Finding space for such a much needed shoe-closet might prove to be diffult. Not to mention the family-members you have to convince of its use. That’s why I love Pinterest (what else!?). The fashionista-lookbook is full of very handy tips & solutions for your shoe-storage-problems. The only thing you need to know is: Are you the Carrie-Bradshaw-Kind-Of-Girl (I like my money where I can see it..) or the Clean-Sight-Let’s-Put-Everything-Away-Kind-Of-Girl. Check out these amazing DIY tricks for some inspiration…Which one is your favorite?