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The perfect manicure ends with a nice touch of pink, red, taupe or even black. But trying to nail this at home is always a challenge. Juggling the bottle and brush is one thing, but the hardest part comes after that: The Wait. Trying not to move makes 1 minute feel like 10 hours. Despite all of the very handy Dry-Faster-Tricks, I manage to destroy at least one of my fresh nail-paint-jobs each time.

Nails Inc. felt our pain and created a product to make life that much easier: Spray-On Nail Polish. Hallelujah. How does it work? 1. Apply a base coat. 2. Spray the  polish on your nails (after shaking the can properly and making sure you have coverd the surface you are spraying on). 3. Apply a toap coat, for a longer lasting effect. 4. Wash the excess nail polish away with warm and soapy water. That’s It!

At first the Spray-On Nail Polish will be available in two colors: Shoreditch Lane (a silver metallic hue) and Hoxton Market (hot pink). Before you run off to the store: the Spray-On Nail Polish will be in (online) stores on November 12th. But you can put yourself on the waitinglist for this absolute musthave!



Spray On Nail Polish

Photos: Nails Inc.