10 X ~ Strange Heels?!

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Wearing heels has become part of the ‘women-identity’. The choice between simple black leather and extravagant purple, yellow and red with studds is no longer made on the basis of an outfit but on the way you want to present yourself. It has become a way to express your personality through your outfit.

Shoe designers need to fulfill the need of women around the world by creating heels that help them to do just that. This results in countless designs, which (unfortunately) not all can be named design of the year. For example, a bottom less shoe, sounds kind of crazy right?! Well, I found 10 other designs that also can be classified as pretty odd. What do you think of these creations, would you wear them?

#1 ~ The Super Sporty Heel
Robot Heel

#2 ~ The Flower Hee
Flower Heel
#3 ~ The No-Heel Heel  Invisible Back Heel
#4 ~ The Skull Heel  Skull Heel
#5 ~ The Bolb Heel 
Blob Heel

#6 ~ The Heart Heel
Heart Heel

#7 ~ The Spiked & Studded Heel Spiked Heel

#8 ~ The Dog Heel  Dog Heel

#9 ~ The Car Heel Car Heel

#10 ~ The Banana Heel Banana Heel

Photos: Pinterest