Tip ~ 17 Sneaker Rules 

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With cold and slippery times a head of us we need to prepare ourselves. For example by searching for the perfect fall and winter sneakers. Very convenient; trendy, comfy and low(er) risk at slipping when snow and ice sets in.

Finding them is not that hard, stroll in any random shoe shop or department store and you’ll have more then enough choice. But how do you wear them? Nowadays it is perfectly fine to pair them with a skirt, pantalon or any other business or high fashion outfit. There are pretty much no limitations; everything is allowed. This should make things easier, but too many options often means we don’t see the wood for the trees anymore.

But Bowl Of Style comes to the rescue; I found 17 how-to-wear-sneaker-rules that make sure you are fashionable and comfortable in sneakers this winter!

#1 ~ Keep It Simple
It’s easy as pie: jeans + tee = OK. Add a beanie or to-die-for scarf to spice things up.
Sneaker Rule 1

#2 ~ Color Popping
Pair an all-black or white outfit with a smashing colored sneaker.
Sneaker Rule 2

#3 ~ Studds & Basics
Pair an studded or embellished pair of sneakers with a simple dress and (jean) jacket.
Sneaker Rule 3

#4 ~ Spice Up Your Skirt
Wear your midi skirt with sneakers and you will instanly look younger and casual.
Sneaker Rule 4

#5 ~ Shorts & Thights 
Kind of unexpected but very trendy this fall; wearing shorts with (dark) thights and sneakers.
Sneaker Rule 5

#6 ~ Yes, Plaids
Grab your BF’s plaided shirt, put on a beanie and sneakers and you are good to go.
Sneaker Rule 6

#7 ~ Max It Up
Make your maxi dress winterproof by adding tights, sneakers and a beautiful jacket.
Sneaker Rule 7

#8 ~ Break The Pattern 
Wear you animal printed sneakers with a classic Breton-stripped shirt of Polka-Dot blouse.
Sneaker Rule 8

#9 ~ All Year Long 
To make your summer dress winter appropriate just add a long knitted cardigan, scarf,  tights and fashionable sneakers.
Sneaker Rule 9

#10 ~ Keep It Rolling 
Roll up your jeans or pants to give your sneakers the attention they deserve.
Sneaker Rule 10

#11 ~ Business Wise
Make your button-down shirt more casual by wearing it with sneakers.
Sneaker Rule 11

#12 ~ Night time = Day time 
When worn with sneakers sequins and beading is totally appropriate during the day time.
Sneaker Rule 12

#13 ~ Classy & Sweaty 
Mini skirt + sweatshirt + sneakers = perfect combo. To add some boldness to your outfit go for a statement lipcolor.
Sneaker Rule 13

#14 ~ Be As Comfy As Possible 
Pair printed pants with sneakers for a very comfy but fashionable outfit.
Sneaker Rule 14

#15 ~ Good With Leather 
Leather pants are pretty risky, but by adding sneakers you make your look instantly casual.
Sneaker Rule 15

#16 ~ Day Around Town
All you need to do to make your dress-and-tights-outfit appropriate for a day around town is adding sneakers.
Sneaker Rule 16

#17 ~ Fancy Pants
Wearing sneakers with a jeans and blazer makes the perfect simple-but-classy-outfit.
Sneaker Rule 17

Photos: Pinterest