5 X ~ Do It Like A Dude

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Jessie J already told us; We Can Do It Like A Dude. At least.. we can wear their clothes and shoes (in our own size of course!). The masculine and minimalistic gentleman shoe is very hot and happening this season. From shiny black to platforms to metallics, you can rock it!

Wear them with a suitpants for a minimalistic office-look. Or pair them with a sweet dress and tights for that Don’t-Mess-With-Me-Good-Girl-Look. These are 5 of my  favorite-wishlist-gentlemen-shoes!

MaripeShiny Black by Maripé

ClarksSilver Medal Winner by Clarks

HumatiPreppy Blues by Humat

SPMHigh & Brogue by SPM

What ForClassic Touch.. by What For