News ~ Bag Meets Technology

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A bag is essential. No argument there. It’s not only part of your outfit, it could very well be the base of it. I mean, we have all been there.. Matching your whole outfit to that one special bag or purse.

Talking to your bag is not very socially accepted.. maybe if you carry a Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Mulberry we might turn a blind eye. But what happens if your bag starts talking back?! That would pretty freaky right?

Students of the University of Dundee created a talking bag. And it’s not just talking, it’s giving advice. Say WHAT?! Yes, it’s true. The bag can sense it when you pull out your creditcard. When doing so, it asks questions/saying things like;”do you really need this item?” and “you already spend a lot“, which could lead to awkward situations as you can imagine.

Freaked out? Well, don’t panic, at this point it’s still a protoype. However, technology develops quickly. So let’s spend some money before your bag can lecture you.